About Us

Ude is a Nigeria-based skincare brand conscious of the richness embedded in the black/dark skin. We tailor our ingredients to fine-tune beauty .
Our materials are sourced from local suppliers with expertise in ingredients peculiarity.
Ude advocates self-love by placing priority on natural skin, not despising maintenance and minimalist approach.
Our customers are situated within and outside the borders of Nigeria. While we create products meeting the need of those in our nation’s circle, we offer product service and consultation to alike brand and personality sharing our value of naturalism irrespective of race.
We envision an entity secured through expansion to other African countries as we leverage on the blessings of organic beauty resources unique to racial skin.
Our services are not limited but include, product review, product formulation, product branding and wholesale productions.
We would love to partner with persons and brands of interest.

Please do not hesitate to make further enquires for collaboration.
Black is beautiful; Black is brilliant.

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